Financial Planning

It’s never too early to save and plan for any chapter in your life. You could be thinking about buying your first home, saving for your child’s education, or wanting to retire soon. The situations are endless and SFS can help plan along the way.

Asset Allocation & Risk

Are you concerned with the market volatility and the losses in your account(s)? Let’s see if your allocation matches the level of risk that you are comfortable with making.

Charitable Gifting

There are many ways that people want to make a positive impact in life. A common way is through asset gifting. We can help you set up your gifting strategy to make sure your funds are being donated the way you want. Clients commonly will set up a charitable remainder trust with us to make sure their giving is done in a tax efficient way.

Individual Retirement Plans & Investments

IRAs offer tax advantages and are used primarily for retirement saving, and if you are looking to open accounts like 529s, or Individual investment accounts as well we can help from start to finish. Our set up process has been simplified to align with what you want and need.

Retirement Planning & Transition

Are you retired or ready to, but you aren’t sure if you are financially ready? We can help model your income methods through social security, pensions, etc. and discuss the probability with you. To take things further, we can make your transition into retirement easier if you are looking to sell your New England home and move somewhere warmer.

Portfolio Review

Do you have retirement accounts at multiple companies, and you don’t really know what they are? We can help simplify and explain your situation. If your situation needs estate planning or tax management guidance, we have a team of professionals ready to help.


Life insurance is a popular product that is used not only to protect the one that is leaving this earth too early, but also as a strategy to give you the freedom to enjoy life by having the luxury to spend more frivolously. Have comfort in knowing that you will leave something behind to loved ones if desired.

Fixed insurance offered through Simpson Financial Strategies.